New arrangement is posted! This one is of Gold Pilot, composed by First Turn Fold. The beginning of the original was used in [S] Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1, but my arrangement is of the full 5-minute piece.

Oh my word…
I seriously teared-up during this. You have done what I’ve failed to: Arrange Gold Pilot in any cohesive way for solo piano. And it’s absolutely Gorgeous!
Thank you so much, my friend. It’s an honor to be so expertly covered!

Thank you! I just spent several minutes being very excited that you found this and liked it.  Thank you for having written the piece, and for your kind words. I enjoyed arranging and learning it, and it’s very rewarding to read feedback from the composer himself.

If you have any interest, here’s the sheet music for my arrangement.

(via pupuroon)

Feels good to practice figure drawing- it has been a long time!

Crying study

Still trying to loosen up, trying to bridge the gap between my very emotive and abstract work and the very tight and pretty digital.

Bashing Photobashing?

Very often when people see my work, I get asked if I am painting over photos, otherwise known as the technique of “photobashing”. When this comes up, it’s hard to not get upset when I do spend so much time on using a grid system, which I learned how to do in college. 

In college, even using a projector in painting was seriously frowned upon by many students, even if you were projecting a drawing onto a larger surface. This year’s student art show caused a lot of controversy, the two paintings to win awards were completed with the use of a projector. Many feel like it’s cheating. 

I’ve tried to use photobashing when I first took up digital painting, but the results were less than satisfying- so I stopped and returned to the grid method which I am accustomed to. And yet every time I’m asked if I photobash there’s a part of me that recoils with offense, even though I know it’s a common technique used in concept art and design. 

I’d like to know how do you feel about photobashing as a technique? 

Excluding issues of copy-write (let’s assume that photos are all taken by the artist) is it cheating or is it the same as using a projector in traditional painting? 

"Artifacts of Illness"

Using the Rorschach test as a departure point for the image, I first wrote a private, distressing message and then added marks until the text was no longer recognizable.  

Gamzee Makara 

This is a revised version of the original, as a gift to my belove’d Jaunell

Porrim Maryam

Uploading a few of these separately

She is motherly, and accidentally has sex with all of her friends- she is my spirit animal.
I based this one off of an old photo of myself.