Dylas from Rune Factory 4

Very fast, cropped, and loose

*cough* Thank you, anon. I’ve actually wanted to try something along the lines of hardcore Homesmut, and now I have!

Wall works 3 Exhibition at UTEP’s Glass Gallery

We were asked to create a temporary piece upon the walls of UTEP’s Glass Gallery. This is an extension of the work I was doing in the “Carving Identity” series, but since I could not carve into the walls, I used thread to create the lines.

It was fun to cover my naked self in paint to create the imprints at school, it was not fun, however to drive home covered in drying tempera paint, as it tugged on tiny every hair on my body for the half hour drive was not fun. The fallowing week spent working on this was very stressful and tearing it down had a certain magic to it.

Carving Identity I & II

Tempera on tar paper

In the Carving Identity series, I used my own body’s imprint onto tar paper as a representation of a “pure identity” and used a knife to carve into the paper, creating lines that distort the image of the body until it was no longer recognizable to symbolize how every person alters themselves in an effort to be recognized or accepted.  The use of tar paper was initially incidental but has grown into something more- tar paper is used in construction and that purpose mirrors the theme of the piece, the construction of identity.

These won UTEP’s 2014 annual juried student art show’s “best drawing” award


Collaborative work with Laura Turon, Briseda Ochoa, and Fabian Uribe.

6’x10’ Acrylic, screws and poly tab cloth on Masonite

Now on display in the Anson Mills building in El Paso, TX

Drink n’ draw sketch from my visit to Seattle last month

"The Final"

Portrait of Kyo in the Dir en Grey PV “The Final”

Man this is old. I remember finishing this a hotel room in Nagoya in December 2009.


Portrait of Atsushi Sakurai, from his band BUCK-TICK’s PV “Romance”

Amanda Palmer & Brian Viglione 

First one was referenced from “Leeds United”
Second one based of this photo by Kelly Davidson

The Aftermath of an Attempt: Leaking
It has been over a year and half since I attempted suicide. I’m in a place in my life where things are changing and it feels appropriate to revisit this event in my life. The day that I overdosed, one of my best friends Jaunell came and saw me in the hospital. By the time she had come to see me I was drinking a cup of activated charcoal, nearing the end of the cup, Jaunell showed up.

She had tried to call my phone and when I didn’t answer she went to my house and my mother explained to her what had happened.

When she came to the hospital, she stood and talked for a while but I was still not very lucid and I couldn’t make sense of anything. She got teary eyed and I hugged her before she left. I didn’t realize how monstrous I looked until I saw myself in a mirror after I sobered up. My entire mouth, teeth and tongue were entirely black from charcoal.

Wanting to approach the subject, I asked Jaunell to write me an account of how things went that day, so I can work on a body of work with her perspective as a guide and insight on how it effected my loved ones.

This is an excerpt of her writing:

"When I found you, you looked like a baby, or a puppy or some other helpless thing. Your eyes got huge as you tried to comprehend me. It was relieving to realize your stupor because I had no idea what to say but thank god because now it didn’t matter.

It was a wonderful and ugly thing to watch you drink of cup of black. It stained you and saved you and tasted like shit. I wanted to be excited for the science of it but it didn’t look scientific on you, it looked like you tried to kill yourself. How that we were there I expected the fear to leave but this was still a hospital and it felt too much like a beginning.

Even now I feel the complications of your death. You showed it to me as something leaking out of you. I still see it sometimes. You pull it out for me to look at but I don’t know how to interpret what I see. How do I respond to it? Should I accept it as part of you or can I will it out of your mind? I don’t know how to help you of if I am even the person to do that.”
—Jaunell Vallejo